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Aconite Violet

A colour determined as representative of the flowers of the Aconite, Wolf’s-bane or Monkshood plant. Also known as the purple poison, the plant contains several poisonous compounds and it was used on spears and arrows for hunting and battle in ancient times.

During the ancient Roman period this toxic plant was often used to eliminate criminals and enemies and by the end of the period it was banned and anyone found growing Aconite could be sentenced to death.

Paints are handmade in our factory and very slight colour variations may occur. The printed colour label on the tin is an approximation of the paint shade and a guide only.

* Please note that once a paint order is placed it cannot be cancelled or returned *

A good colour for an accent piece of furniture (like the bookshelves here in pink), which would also look lovely in purple.

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Aconite Violet BRITISH COLOUR STANDARD Eco Water Based Luxury Paint Made In England
Healey Hall Painted with BRITISH COLOUR STANDARD