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Colour standardised in 1934 with the following notes:

‘There is considerable confusion concerning the colour named Ecru, Beige and Grège. They are all French, and mean exactly the same thing- the colour of the condition of cloth in its raw, unbleached state. Ecru is simply composed of è and Cru, from the Latin, crudus , rude, crude. Beige is derived from an old dialectical form bei-beges, meaning grey. Originally these names were technical dye-house terms, and their use as fashion colour names dates only from the latter half of the 19th Century.

With little idea of what words mean, most people believe that they refer to different colours. Ecru refers to unbleached cloth of any kind, silk, cotton, wool or linen. Beige was long is used in French dye-houses to refer to and refer to unbleached woollen cloth, while the meaning of Grège is raw (Silk).

It will be readily understood that various patches of unbleached, woollen goods will exhibit variations in colour, and therefore the colour here featured is a general representation of many examples of unbleached materials and also materials died to this colour name.

This standard also represents Beige and Grège. Where the word Beige is used in this work to designate a colour, and qualifying name and is add added too give a definite Standard e.g. Rose Beige.

Paints are handmade in our factory and very slight colour variations may occur. The printed colour label on the tin is an approximation of the paint shade and a guide only.

* Please note that once a paint order is placed it cannot be cancelled or returned *

You cannot go wrong with a neutral, alone or even paired with stronger colour combinations.

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