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Although white is referred to as having no colour, it is found in actual practice that there are as great a number of variations of so-called white as of any colour. Varieties of white shown in this collection are Pearl White and Stone White.

This white is a soft, 'white' white - the stickers on the tins & matchpots are creamy in tone, but the colour itself is as depicted on our paint charts.

Paints are handmade in our factory and very slight colour variations may occur. The printed colour label on the tin is an approximation of the paint shade and a guide only.

* Please note that once a paint order is placed it cannot be cancelled or returned *

A lovely, soft white that is more stone-like and natural than the harsh/blue brilliant whites that often get specified. This will be much softer & creamier by contrast so do order a test pot to see what you think for your project.

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