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Bags Made From Bags

The humble, discarded cement sack, leftover from the construction industry is reborn into a new use. The sacks are collected up by an ingenious company that we met last year in India (when you were allowed to travel!) The old sacks are washed, shredded, turned into new thread and then woven into this amazing material. Only the webbing handles are made from new materials, the main bag is made using 100% recycled material. We think it has lots of possibilities but this sturdy market shopper is a good place to start!

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Blown Glass

Glass blowing is by definition a hot process! The transformation of raw materials into glass takes place at around 1,320 °C / 2,400 °F, and the glass emits enough heat to appear almost white hot. The glass is then left to "fine out" (allowing the bubbles to rise out of the mass), and then the working temperature is reduced in the furnace to around 1,090 °C (2,000 °F). At this stage, the glass appears to be a bright orange colour as seen here.Glassblowing involves three furnaces. The first, contains a crucible of molten glass, and is simply referred to as "the furnace". The second is called the "glory hole", and is used to reheat a piece in between steps of working with it. The final furnace is called the...

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